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Query Language Search

This searches the underlying ACeDB database using either the old-style
WormBase Query Language (WQL) or the new Ace Query Language (AQL)

AQL examples
  • Example 1: Find loci between positions 5 and 10 on chromosome IV
    select l, pos from l in class Gene,
         map in l->Map where map = "IV",
         pos in map[Position] where pos > 5.0 and pos < 10.0
  • Example 2: Find Rearrangements with left ends before position 4 on chromosome IV and right ends beyond position 4.5,
    select r, left, right from r in class Rearrangement,
         map in r->Map where map = "IV",
         left in map[Left] where left < 4.0,
         right in map[right] where right > 4.5
  • See the Acedb web site for documentation and examples
WQL examples