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WormBase Tree Display for Expression_cluster: WBPaper00041370:spg-7(RNAi)_upregulated_atfs-1_dependent

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WBPaper00041370:spg-7(RNAi)_upregulated_atfs-1_dependentDescriptionGenes up-regulated during spg-7(RNAi) treatment that are dependent on atfs-1(tm4525).
SpeciesCaenorhabditis elegans
AlgorithmData normalization, scaling and 2 -way Anova was used to identify differentially expressed genes, using Partek Geno mics Suite (v6.5). Average linkage gene clustering was performed with a Euclidean distance using Hierarchical clustering. The genes with statistically significant changes between the treatments and strains were identified using Anova streamlined (Partek Genomic Suite (v6.5)). Only genes with a fold change higher than 1.3 and p-value lower than 0.05 were considered.
Gene (360)
Attribute_ofMicroarray_experiment (12)