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WBPaper00039866:ClassComp_daf-19_downregulatedDescriptionCandidate daf-19 down regulated genes with a statistically significant signal variation of 1.5-fold or greater. These were identified using a class comparisons tool from BRB Array Tools.
SpeciesCaenorhabditis elegans
AlgorithmBRB Array Tools (version 3.3) was subsequently used to identify genes with a statistically significant variation in expression when comparing between the two classes defined in this study. The probability threshold was set at a maximum of 0.05 (p-value <= 0.05) for genes to be considered statistically different. Genes with a signal variation of 1.5-fold or greater were selectively identified for use in all subsequent experiments. To reduce the chances of false discoveries, a class comparison test was conducted using a multivariate permutation test with the confidence level of 97%.
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