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TitleSimplification and desexualization of gene expression in self-fertile nematodes.
DescriptionThis project defines the transcriptomes of XO (male) and XX (female or mutant pseudo-female) Caenorhabditis nematodes. The data allow the overall composition and sexual regulation of the transcriptome within a single species to be determined. In addition, the five related species studied allow meta-comparisons between them. Because two of the five (C. elegans and C. briggsae) produce a self-fertile XX hermaphrodite, while the XX sex in the remaining three (C. japonica, C. remanei, and C. brenneri) are true females, the data are particularly useful for inferring effects of sexual mode on genome-wide gene expression. Overall Design: L4 larvae and adults were pooled for each sex for five species (C. elegans, C. briggsae, C. japonica, C. brenneri, and C. remanei). Each of these 10 species-sex combinations was replicated three times, for a total of 30 samples.
Species_in_analysisCaenorhabditis elegans