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TitleSKN-1-dependent oxidative stress response in C. elegans
DescriptionOxidative stress may play a role in normal aging. SKN-1 is a transcription factor necessary for intestine development in Caenorhabditis elegans, which also regulates the response to oxidative stress post-embryonically. Using DNA microarrays, we found that oxidative stress induces the antioxidant response, the heat shock response, and detoxification genes, while the expression of genes involved in homeostasis, development, and reproduction were decreased. Both up-regulated and down-regulated genes can be wholly, partially, or not at all dependent on SKN-1 action. However, induction of the heat shock response by oxidative stress was not affected by SKN-1 removal. Keywords: stress response
Categoryresponse to hypoxia
Microarray_experiment (11)
Species_in_analysisCaenorhabditis elegans