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WBPaper00050163:chd-3(eh4)_downregulated_24-cell-embryoDescriptionTranscripts that showed significantly decreased expression in 24-cell stage embryo of chd-3(eh4) animals, comparing to in N2 animals, both fed with gfp control RNAi vector.
SpeciesCaenorhabditis elegans
AlgorithmDESeq and EdgeR were used. A threshold of 1.5 log2 fold change and a p value <10 % were applied. let-418: wild-type; let-418(RNAi)-treated embryos; chd-3: chd-3(eh4);controlGFP(RNAi)-treated embryos; chd-3_let-418: chd-3(eh4); let-418(RNAi)-treated embryos. All fold changes are calculated versus wild-type;control(RNAi)-treated embryos. 1h and 3h correspond to the 24- and 100-cell stages, respectively.
Gene (665)