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Examples: chrV, chrI:80000..120000, CBG25170, CBG2517*, unc*, tag-173, D2030.1.
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The following 16 regions match your request.


Name Type Description Position Match Score
CBG25170:bp265 protein_coding_primary_transcript I:1268681..1269004 n/a
CBG25171 CDS I:1281521..1283993 n/a
CBG25171.1 mRNA I:1281521..1283993 n/a
CBG25171:bp255 protein_coding_primary_transcript I:1282291..1283993 n/a
CBG25172:bp255 protein_coding_primary_transcript I:1327024..1332837 n/a
CBG25172.1 mRNA I:1331216..1333076 n/a
CBG25172 CDS I:1331250..1332837 n/a
CBG25173:bp259 protein_coding_primary_transcript I:1376738..1377118 n/a
CBG25174:bp259 protein_coding_primary_transcript I:1390434..1392478 n/a
CBG25175:bp255 protein_coding_primary_transcript I:1446308..1448843 n/a
CBG25176:bp228 protein_coding_primary_transcript I:1540110..1540154 n/a
CBG25177 pseudogenic_transcript I:1579111..1579371 n/a
CBG25177:bp263 protein_coding_primary_transcript I:1579111..1579371 n/a
CBG25178 pseudogenic_transcript I:1611134..1611483 n/a
CBG25178:bp257 protein_coding_primary_transcript I:1611134..1611483 n/a
CBG25179:bp265 protein_coding_primary_transcript I:1661533..1663635 n/a